Homemade Salmon Flake with Yukari (Seasoned Dry Perilla)

自家製鮭フレークゆかり和え 50g by Nobu Sakaguchi (15 years at a Michelin star)

The natural savory flavor and crispy texture of the grilled salmon perfectly complement the refreshing aroma of the Yukari. It is a delicious dish that goes well with rice and makes a great side dish for onigiri and bento boxes. 新鮮な鮭をオーブンで焼き丁寧に手作りした日本でも大人気の鮭フレークです。鮭本来の旨味と焼き上げた香ばしさに加え、ゆかりの爽やかな香りがアクセントとなります。ご飯が進む美味しい一品で、おにぎりやお弁当のおかずにもぴったりです。


Salmon, Salted Red Shiso (Perilla Leaves) (70%) {(Red Shiso, Salt, Salted plum juice (Plum, Salt)}, Salt, Sugar, Flavour Enhancers: E621; E635, Acidulant : E296., White Sesame


Fish, Sesame