Glaze-grilled Sardine (Sardine Kabayaki)

Glaze-grilled Sardine (Sardine Kabayaki)

いわしの蒲焼 2 pieces, 70-90g - When receiving, could be defrosted especially outside London

Glaze-grilled Sardine (Sardine Kabayaki 2 pieces, 70-90g) / Sashimi quality sardines are carefully opened one by one to create an addictive sweet and salty taste. お刺身でも食べられる品質のいわしを1尾1尾丁寧に開き、やみつきになる甘塩っぱいお味に仕上げました。
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Sardine, Soy, Dashi, Sake and Kabayaki Sauce


Soy, Gluten, Fish