WASO: Japanese Lunch Delivery in London

Well-balanced home-made Japanese meals delivered to your home and office.
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Well-balanced home-made Japanese food delivery in London

We're bringing the taste of our homeland to London by offering hand-made home-cooked style dishes.
We use traditional ingredients like seaweed, miso and tofu, which are longevity promoting, flavourful and generally beneficial for your health.

No added preservatives.
Prepared from scratch by our Japanese Chefs.
Most ingredients are from suppliers that also serve Michelin starred restaurants.

Some of our menus

From £6.65 | Inc. Delivery


Chicken Karaage with Sesame Lemon Sauce

Chicken Karaage with Sesame Lemon Sauce

Japanese fried chicken served with sesame, soy and lemon-flavoured mayonnaise sauce and marinated aubergine

Ponzu Salmon

Ponzu Salmon

Steamed salmon served with yuzu and soy based 'ponzu' sauce, accompanied by assorted vegetables

Beef Sukiyaki with Tofu

Beef Sukiyaki with Tofu

Thinly sliced beef and tofu simmered in a soy, sake and yuzu chilli pepper-based sauce, with onions and shiitake mushrooms

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How it works

How It Works

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Hand-made, Home-cooked Food

We want to bring hand-made, home cooked food to London through our well-balanced, nutritious and flavourful Japanese meals.

Balanced lunches using longevity promoting Japanese ingredients

We use tofu, miso, seaweed, fresh vegetables and fish - all important elements of the Japanese diet which studies indicate can be beneficial for health and general well being.

Root of the name WASO


The character 和 is used to signify Japanese tradition and is often used to mean peace. 惣 combines the characters 物 (substance) and 心 (heart), expressing the connection between the physical and emotional elements. With the name 和惣, we hope to bring harmony to all aspects of life through our Japanese heritage.

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