Cabbage Roll in Home-made Chicken Soup

Cabbage Roll in Home-made Chicken Soup

自家製コンソメ味のロールキャベツ 2 pcs

Cabbage rolls with a gentle homemade chicken soup, individually and carefully wrapped. *The pink colour of the meat may remain after cooking due to a reaction between the nitrates naturally present in the onions and the myoglobin in the meat, but the meat will cook sufficiently in the way of cooking stated of the label. 優しい自家製コンソメ味のロールキャベツです。1つ1つ、手で丁寧に粗びきのミンチ肉をキャベツで包みました。※玉ねぎに自然に含まれる硝酸塩とお肉のミオグロビンが反応し、加熱調理後もお肉に赤みが残ることがありますが、ラベルに記載の湯煎時間で十分火は通ります。


Onions, Carrots, Bread crumble, Minced pork, Salt, Egg, Chicken stock, Black pepper, White cabbage, Vegetable stock


Wheat, Dairy, Soy