Soy and Sake-Steamed Turbot Head (with liver and egg or milt)

ヒラメ頭の酒蒸し(肝とたまごか白子付き)可食部440g~ For 2-3 by Nobu Sakaguchi (15 years at a Michelin starred)

Soy and Sake-Steamed Turbot Head dish is a traditional Japanese cuisine made from the fresh head of a turbot. The dish is prepared by steaming the turbot head with Japanese sake to extract the flavors of the liver, eggs, or milt. The dish uses thick and juicy parts of the fish, which are rich in nutrients such as DHA, EPA, vitamin B12, and zinc, making it a healthy food option. Our skilled chefs take great care and effort to prepare this exquisite dish, which has a refined taste and is packed with nutrients. We highly recommend you to try it.ヒラメ頭の酒蒸しは、新鮮なヒラメの頭に日本酒を加えて蒸し上げ、たまごや白子、肝などの旨味を引き出した料理です。肉厚でジューシーな部位を贅沢に使用し、健康にも良い栄養価が高い食材です。熟練した職人が手間暇かけて仕上げた逸品で、上品な味わいと豊富な栄養素を兼ね備えた絶品料理です。
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Turbot, Sake, Soy sauce, White pepper


Fish, Soy, Gluten, Sulphur Dioxide