Our story

Our Japanese founder visited London and was unhappy that several fast food chains served items which were claimed to be Japanese but in his eyes were not.

We founded WASO not only to make an authentic taste of Japan accessible to everyday Londoners, but also to spread our most deeply held belief. We believe that everyone should live truthfully to themselves, and we hope that our meals provide everyone with a moment to do this.

Our food

We feel that most Londoners don't have the opportunity in their day to day lives to taste the full spectrum of what Japanese cuisine has to offer.

By incorporating some less familiar and some well known flavours of our homeland into our unique main, salad and rice dishes, we aim to create a constantly evolving menu which has something for everybody.

Our dishes use a wide variety of nutritious ingredients such as seaweed, miso, tofu and buckwheat, which are all considered essential elements of a well balanced, longevity-promoting Japanese diet.

Root of the name WASO

Root of the name WASO (和惣)

The character 和 is used to signify Japanese tradition and is often used to mean peace. 惣 combines the characters 物 (substance) and 心 (heart), expressing the connection between the physical and emotional elements. With the name 和惣, we hope to bring harmony to all aspects of life through our Japanese heritage.