Salted Bluefin Tuna Dark Meat (Sashimi)

Salted Bluefin Tuna Dark Meat (Sashimi)

本マグロの血合い塩漬け(刺身) 4pcs (75-85g) by Nobu Sakaguchi (15 years at a Michelin starred) - Please see details

Prepared by marinating in saltwater overnight, this fresh tuna dark meat salted delicacy is rich in iron. Enjoy a nutritious and delicious choice at an affordable price. The characteristic dark color of the dark meat is reassuring and adds to its rich flavor. When enjoyed with garlic soy sauce, it provides an exquisite taste. It can also be enjoyed as sashimi.一晩塩水に漬け込んで仕上げた、鉄分たっぷりの本マグロの血合い塩漬け。手頃な価格で、栄養満点の美味しさをお楽しみいただけます。血合い特有の濃い色も安心、味わい豊かです。ニンニク醤油と一緒に食べると絶品の味わいをお楽しみいただけます。刺身としてもお召し上がりいただけます。 Due to the nature of ingredients, if you keep putting it in your home freezer, the colour of the product will be changed but it is fine from hygiene point of view. In rare cases, there may contain bones. 家庭用冷凍庫で保存を続けると、変色が進むことがございます。(変色しても、衛生上問題ありません)まれに骨が入っている場合があります。


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