Chopped Bluefin Tuna Mix for Poke (Akami, Otoro & Chutoro)

Chopped Bluefin Tuna Mix for Poke (Akami, Otoro & Chutoro)

本マグロのぶつ(赤身、中トロ、大トロ) 90-100g by Nobu Sakaguchi (15 years at a Michelin starred) - *Please see details

The tuna is sent directly to us fresh, and Sakaguchi quickly slices, freezes and vacuum-packs it. By storing it in an ultra-low-temperature freezer, it is delivered with its taste locked in. See for yourself the difference in taste. Perfect for poke don! 新鮮なまま直送されたまぐろを、坂口が素早く捌き冷凍&真空パック。超低温冷凍庫で保管することで、美味しさを閉じ込めたままお届けします。味の違いをご自身でお確かめください。海鮮丼にぴったりです。Due to the nature of ingredients, if you keep putting it in your home freezer, the colour of the product will be changed but it is fine from hygiene point of view. In rare cases, there may contain bones. 家庭用冷凍庫で保存を続けると、変色が進むことがございます。(変色しても、衛生上問題ありません)まれに骨が入っている場合があります。


Bluefin Tuna