Wadakan Bonito and Kelp Tsuyu Soup Base 300ml

Wadakan Bonito and Kelp Tsuyu Soup Base 300ml

ワダカン かつお厚けずりつゆ

A plastic bottle of basic soup stock made from a mainly bonito and kelp base, as well as GM free soy sauce and mirin (sweet rice wine). It is a basic stock that can be added to not only noodle based dishes, but also teriyaki sauce, other marinades, dressings and dippings. This small bottle will suit people who want to try their hand at Japanese cooking for the first time. 3 x concentrated.こんぶ、かつおの旨味をバランスよく加え、味の相乗効果により、単独では出せないうま味を引き出した3倍濃縮タイプのつゆです。めん類、天つゆ、鍋物、丼物などいろいろご利用いただけます。
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Soy sauce(water, wheat), sweetener(glucose fructose syrup, sugar), salt, fermented rice seasoning, fish flake, bonito extract(fish), kelp extract, shiitake mushroom extract, kelp, alcohol, seasoning(amino acid, monosodium L-glutamate), acidulant


Soy, wheat, sesame, Fish