[Only up to 10 per person] MARUKIN KYUSHU HONJIKOMINATTO 20/134.1G(3P)

[Only up to 10 per person] MARUKIN KYUSHU HONJIKOMINATTO 20/134.1G(3P)

[1人10個まで]マルキン 九州本仕込み 納豆

"The taste of Kyushu, crafted by Kyushu natives. 'Genki Natto Kyushu Local Brew' is packed with the dedication to soybeans, sauce, and packaging. Soybeans are essential for making delicious natto. We use soybeans cultivated through sustainable farming methods that protect farmland, natural environments, and production farmers. Our 'Amakatare' sauce, a sweet and savory soy sauce-based sauce, has been meticulously researched and developed to ensure a taste that never grows tiresome even with daily consumption. After its release, we continued our research, and in September 2022, we renewed the 'Amakatare' sauce to enhance its richness and deliciousness, ensuring it is even more beloved. There are various theories behind the sweetness of soy sauce in the Kyushu region. During the Edo period, when sugar was a precious commodity, Kyushu began producing a significant amount of sugar. It is said that this led to the tradition of adding sugar to soy sauce, as using 'precious sugar' equated to the highest form of culinary excellence. This is truly the taste of Kyushu, crafted by Kyushu natives."九州人が作った九州の味 「元気納豆 九州本仕込み」には、大豆・たれ・容器へのこだわりが詰まっています。 旨い納豆作りには、大豆が欠かせません。 農地や自然環境、生産農家を守るサステナブル(持続可能)な生産方法で栽培された大豆を使用しています。 甘辛い醤油ベースのたれである「あまかたれ」は、毎日食べても飽きのこない味になるように研究し作り上げられました。発売後も研究を重ね、2022年9月にコクと美味しさが増し、さらに愛される「あまかたれ」にリニューアルしました。九州地方の醤油が甘い理由には様々な説がありますが、砂糖が貴重品だった江戸時代に、九州地方で砂糖が多く作られ始め、「貴重品の砂糖を使う=最高のごちそう」だということで、味の基本である醤油に砂糖を入れていたのがきっかけだと言われています。 まさに“九州人が作った九州の味”です。
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Natto: Soybeans (produced and distributed separately, managed), Natto bacteria. Sauce: Soy sauce (contains wheat and soybeans), sugar, salt, soy sauce processed products (soy sauce (contains wheat and soybeans), high fructose corn syrup), black mirin, hydrolyzed protein (contains soybeans), yeast extract/seasonings (amino acids, etc.), acidity regulators.


wheat, soybeans