Crispy & Juicy Karaage Mix Garlic-Shoyu 80g

Crispy & Juicy Karaage Mix Garlic-Shoyu 80g

Just like at a Chinese restaurant, the batter is crispy, and the meat comes out juicy. The water-based batter wraps around the ingredients, sealing in their flavors. It has a savory soy sauce aroma with a hint of garlic flavor. Highly recommended for chicken breast meat. Suitable for seafood, vegetables, and more.


Wheat flour (domestic production), potato starch, salt, garlic powder, powdered soy sauce (contains soybeans), glucose, sugar, black pepper, onion powder, yeast extract powder / modified starch, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), baking powder, emulsifier, paprika colorant


Wheat, Soy