Yellowtail Kasuzuke Fillet  for Grill

Yellowtail Kasuzuke Fillet for Grill

ぶりの粕漬け 焼き物用 切身 100-110g Sashimi grade(the highest grade) by Nobu Sakaguchi (15 years at a Michelin star)

By Sashimi Monger (Nobu Sakaguchi) Marinated in the sake lees, a byproduct of sake production, this yellowtail Kasuzuke is a classic Japanese dish that requires simple ingredients. The grilled yellowtail has a deep sake aroma and elegant flavor that truly stands out. Impress your dinner guests tonight with this seafood fish!


Yellowtail, Sakekasu, White Miso, Sake, Sugar, Salt


Fish, Soy, Gluten