J-Basket Shrimp Wonton 300g

J-Basket Shrimp Wonton 300g

J-Basket 海老わんたん

Made with premium quality shrimp, each bite of our J-Basket Shrimp Wanton is packed with essential nutrients and proteins. This classic dish is not only satisfying, but also provides a healthy boost to your daily diet. Experts agree that including seafood, like our shrimp wantons, in your meals can offer numerous health benefits, including improved brain function, heart health, and overall well-being. Taste the difference and experience the benefits with J-Basket Shrimp Wanton.


Salted shrimp (56%) (Shrimp <Litopenaeus vannamei> (Crustaceans), Water, Acidity regulator: E500, Salt, Flavour enhancers: E331 and E640, Rock salt), Fully hydrogenated Sesame Oil, Water, Modified Starch, Salt, Sugar, White Pepper Powder. Wheat Flour, Starch, Salt, Flavour Enhancer: E500, Wheat Gluten, Water.


Crustaceans, Sesame, Wheat Flour, Wheat Glute