Hojicha Souffle Swiss Roll

Hojicha Souffle Swiss Roll

ほうじ茶スフレロールケーキ by OKASHI to SWEETS

Fluffy souffle swiss roll. The fragrant hojicha tea is used in abundance in both the sponge dough and the cream, so that the taste and aroma of hojicha can be fully enjoyed. ふわふわスフレタイプのロールケーキ。香ばしいほうじ茶をスポンジ生地にも クリームにもふんだんに使用し、ほうじ茶の味と香りをしっかり楽しめるロールケーキです。
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Egg, Wheat flour, Sugar, Milk, Fresh Cream ( Milk ), Honey, Vegetable oil, Hojicha powder, Condensed milk ( Milk ), White Chocolate ( milk, Soya )


Milk, Wheat, Soya, Egg