Savory Spicy Ramen with Monohon ramen

Savory Spicy Ramen with Monohon ramen

Monohon製日本産小麦麺 旨辛ラーメン

This is a spicy ramen with a tasty broth and noodles, and is a dish where you can enjoy more spiciness than most ramen, while at the same time enjoying the flavour. Recommended for those who like spicy food and want to try new flavours. 旨味のあるスープや麺に辛味を加えたラーメンで、一般的なラーメンよりも辛さを楽しみながらも、旨みも同時に楽しめる一品です。辛い食べ物が好きな方や新しい味を試してみたい方におすすめのです。


Rayu, Salt, Cayenne Powder, Chilli flake, White sesame, Garlic, Minced pork, Tobanjan, Mirin, Oyster sauce, Sansho, Soy sauce, Miso white, Garlic powder, Paitan soup, Water, Chicken stock, Kombu powder, Spring onion, Pak Choi, Beansprout, Pork Charshu


Soy, Gluten, Sesame, Molluscs