Nissin Cup Noodle

Nissin Cup Noodle

日清 カップヌードル 78g

The world's first cup noodles. The unique, smooth noodles are perfectly complemented by the familiar original soup. Ingredients include "mystery meat" (seasoned pork mince), minced pork, shrimp, scrambled eggs, and green onions, offering a variety of textures and flavors. Enjoy the authentic taste of Nissin Cup Noodles, conveniently and easily.


Fried noodles (wheat flour [domestically produced], vegetable oil, salt, chicken extract, pork extract, soy sauce, pork seasoning, hydrolyzed protein, spices), ingredients (seasoned pork mince, seasoned egg, seasoned shrimp, seasoned pork, green onions), soup (sugar, powdered soy sauce, salt, spices, hydrolyzed protein, flavoring, pork seasoning, bamboo shoot powder) / processed starch, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), calcium carbonate, caramel coloring, kansui, thickening polysaccharides, carotenoid coloring, emulsifier, antioxidant (vitamin E), spice extract, smoke flavor, flavoring, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, acidulant (contains shrimp, wheat, egg, milk, sesame, soybean, chicken, pork).


Wheat, Eggs, Milk, Shrimp, Soybeans, Sesame