Ippeichan Yatai no Yakisoba

Ippeichan Yatai no Yakisoba

明星 一平ちゃん夜店の焼そば 135g

Enhanced liquid sauce flavor and intensified sauce seasoning. This distinctive yakisoba sets itself apart from competitors with its three key sauce components: sauce-infused noodles, liquid sauce, and sauce seasoning. Combined with the rich and creamy mustard mayonnaise, this yakisoba offers a deeply satisfying, robust taste experience. Enjoy the perfect balance of flavors in every bite.
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Fried Noodles (wheat flour (domestically produced), vegetable oil, salt, sauce, sugar), Sauce (sauce, mustard mayonnaise, sugar, vegetable oil, salt, flavored oil, hydrolyzed protein, processed sauce product, flavoring seasoning, pork extract, spices, brewed vinegar), Garnish (cabbage), Toppings (processed sauce product, mayonnaise-flavored sauce flakes, aonori (green seaweed), pickled ginger) / Caramel coloring, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), calcium carbonate, kansui (alkaline water), acidulant, emulsifier, flavoring, spice extract, antioxidant (vitamin E), magnesium carbonate, carotenoid coloring, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, (contains egg, dairy products, wheat, shrimp, orange, sesame, soybeans, pork, and apple).


Egg, Dairy, Wheat, Shrimp, Sesame, Soy