Marumiya Nori Wasabi Furikake 20g

Marumiya Nori Wasabi Furikake 20g

We have blended the pungent spiciness of wasabi with the rich flavors of nori and bonito flakes in a balanced way. This furikake, with the aroma of nori and wasabi, is sure to satisfy even adult palates.


Roasted sesame seeds (domestically produced), salt, lactose, sugar, dried bonito flakes, nori (seaweed), wheat flour, starch, soy sauce, aonori (green seaweed), processed soybean products, processed fats and oils, seaweed calcium, real wasabi stem, mirin, matcha, bonito powder, extracts (bonito, yeast, seafood), horseradish, dairy products, high fructose corn syrup, yeast, dextrin, reduced malt syrup / seasoning (amino acids, etc.), cyclodextrin, coloring agents (caramel, flavonoids, gardenia, carotenoids), flavoring agents, ferrous pyrophosphate, antioxidants (vitamin E) (contains dairy products, wheat, sesame, soybeans).


Dairy products, Wheat, Sesame, Soybeans