Marumiya Pepa-Tama Furikake 20g

Marumiya Pepa-Tama Furikake 20g

You can enjoy the taste of an egg-based furikake (seasoning) with a sophisticated flavor, where the sweetness of the egg is complemented by a hint of spiciness from the black pepper. The mildly spicy flavor is also enjoyable for children.


Lactose (manufactured in the USA), sugar, processed egg products, wheat flour, salt, roasted sesame seeds, processed soybean products, beef, processed fats and oils, palm oil, starch, extracts (chicken, yeast, kelp, onion, seafood, beef), spices, koshi-an (smooth red bean paste), vegetable protein, chicken powder, nori (seaweed), miso, soy sauce, dried bonito flakes, mirin, seaweed calcium, milk fat, dairy products, high fructose corn syrup, dextrin, yeast, onion powder, invert syrup, glucose, corn syrup / seasoning (amino acids, etc.), coloring agents (caramel, carotenoids, red koji), cellulose, antioxidants (vitamin E, rosemary extract), flavoring agents (contains egg, dairy products, wheat, beef, sesame, soybeans, and chicken).


Egg, Dairy products, Wheat, Sesame, Soybeans