Homemade Hot and Spicy Chicken Curry (+ 5 Veg)

Homemade Hot and Spicy Chicken Curry (+ 5 Veg)

自家製激辛チキンカレー お野菜5種付・ご飯なし- Halal

A homemade dish featuring intensely spicy and flavorful chicken curry. Made with fresh ingredients and abundant spices, it offers a rich and satisfying taste experience. Recommended for those who love spicy food. 激辛な自家製チキンカレーです。新鮮な具材と豊富なスパイスを贅沢に使用し、濃厚で満足感のある味わいを楽しめます。辛いものが好きな方に是非おすすめの一品です。


Chicken thighs, Salt, Black pepper, Curry paste, Cayenne pepper, Sweet paprika, Chili Powder, Garlic powder, Garam masala, Chicken powder, Turmeric powder, Ground pepper, Garlic, Butter, Worcestershire sauce, Oyster sauce, Soy sauce, Apple juice, Ketchup


mollusc, sesame, soya, gluten , celery