Chicken Nanban (+5 veg)

Chicken Nanban (+5 veg)

チキン南蛮と自家製タルタル(お野菜5種付)- Halal

Japanese fried chicken coated with sweet sour sauce accompanied by Home-made Tartar Sauce/ 甘酸っぱくてやみつきになる鶏の南蛮を、米酢を隠し味に入れた玉ねぎと玉子たっぷりの自家製タルタルでお召し上がりください。(タルタルは冷凍に弱く、若干食感が異なります。)- Halal


Mixed-grain rice, Chicken thighs (skinless and boneless), Carrots, Broccoli, Red and yellow peppers, Edamame Beans (Soya),Cabbage, Rice vinegar, Soy sauce, Mirin, Sugar, Panko breadcrumbs, Flour (Wheat), Potato starch, Cooking oil, Tartar sauce [Eggs, Mayonnaise (Eggs), Onions, Lemon, Soy sauce, Salt, White pepper]


Soy, Gluten, Egg