Nissin Owan de Taberu Donbei Udon Pack Yuzu Flavour 30gx3pcs

Nissin Owan de Taberu Donbei Udon Pack Yuzu Flavour 30gx3pcs

お椀で食べるどん兵衛 ゆず仕立てうどん 3食パック

Approximate amount of hot water required.
160 ml (*per serving)
Bowl-sized and just right for one more dish! Just pour hot water into the bowl! Udon noodles in a soup with the fresh yuzu flavour of Donbei. Small pack of three conveniently sized servings for one more dish on the menu. Ingredients include kizami-age (fried bean curd), hanagata kamaboko (flower-shaped fish paste) and spring onions./お椀サイズでもう1品にちょうどいい! お椀にお湯を注ぐだけ!どん兵衛の爽やかなゆずの香りがきいたお吸い物仕立てのうどんです。献立のもう1品に便利な少量サイズの3食パック。具材はきざみあげ、花形かまぼこ、ネギ。
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Fried noodles (wheat flour (produced in Japan), vegetable oil and fat, salt, vegetable protein, egg powder, soybean dietary fibre), soup with kayaku (seasoned fried tofu, fish paste, sugar, soy sauce powder, seafood extract, seafood seasoning, spring onion, yuzu peel, fishmeal, protein hydrolysate, kombu seasoning, spices) / processed starch, seasoning (amino acid, etc.), flavouring (sodium hydroxide), caramel colour, thickening agent (alginate), gardenia pigment, antioxidant (vitamin E), starch (vitamin C), amino acid, etc. (Amino acids, etc.), phosphate (Na), Ca carbonate, flavouring, caramel colour, thickener (alginate), gardenia colour, antioxidant (vitamin E), benikoji dye, emulsifier, acidifier, paprika colour, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, (some parts contain wheat, egg, milk ingredients, mackerel, soya bean and gelatine).


Wheat, Soy, Egg, Milk, Fish, Gelatine