Grilled Bluefin Tuna Dark Meat with Shichimi Sauce

本マグロの血合い七味焼き 100g by Nobu Sakaguchi (15 years at a Michelin starred)

Bluefin Tuna Dark Meat is known for its rich umami flavor and high nutritional value, containing omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamins, and other essential nutrients. The dark meat is soaked in water to remove any unwanted odor, resulting in a more refined and enjoyable taste. The grilling method used in the shichimi sauce enhances the harmonious blend of savory flavors and delightful aroma, offering a luxurious dining experience.本マグロ血合いは濃厚な旨味を持ち、オメガ-3脂肪酸やたんぱく質、ビタミンなどの栄養素が豊富に含まれています。また、血合いを水に晒すことで臭みを取り除き、より上品で食べやすい味わいに仕上げられています。七味焼きの調理法により、香ばしさと旨味が絶妙に調和し、贅沢な味わいを楽しめます。
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Bluefin Tuna, Spring Onions, White Sesame, Soy Sauce, Mirin, Sake, Ginger, Garlic, Seven Spices Shichimi Chilli Powder(Chili pepper, Black sesame seed, White sesame seed, Seaweed, Ginger, Japanese pepper, Yuzu citrus)


Fish, Soy, Gluten, Sulphur Dioxide, Sesame