Vegetables Chinese Soup for 2

Vegetables Chinese Soup for 2

1日の1/2の野菜が取れる"食べる野菜中華スープ" 2食分 400g

A soup blend featuring a generous mix of chives, mizuna, cabbage, green beans, bean sprouts, leeks, onions, garlic, carrots, and sesame. Packed with an abundance of healthy and nutritious vegetables, it delivers both deliciousness and essential nutrients, providing half of your daily vegetable intake (175g). にら、水菜、キャベツ、インゲン、もやし、リーク、玉ねぎ、大蒜、人参、胡麻が贅沢に組み合わさったスープです。健康的で栄養豊富な野菜たちがたっぷり175g、おいしさと栄養を同時に提供します。


Carrot, Onion, Chinese chive, Cabbage, Green beans, Leek, Potato starch, Beansprout, Mizuna, Sesame, Egg, Sesame oil, Chicken stock, Salt, Garlic, Water


sesame, gluten