Dashi-tori Shokunin Umami Dashi Pack less salt & additives-free

Dashi-tori Shokunin Umami Dashi Pack less salt & additives-free

焼きあご入だし取り職人 減塩化学調味料無添加

従来の「だし取り職人」に含まれていた塩分の55%をカットしました。素材のそのままの味を楽しみたい方や塩分を気にされている方におすすめです。 ★本品にはカリウムが含まれていますので、腎臓病の方や食事治療中の方は、医師にご相談の上、ご使用ください。The salt content traditionally found in "dashi-tori shokunin" has been reduced by 55%. This is an ideal choice for those who want to enjoy the pure flavors of the ingredients or are mindful of their salt intake. Please be aware that this product contains potassium. Therefore, individuals with kidney issues or those undergoing dietary treatments should consult their physician before using it.
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Flavoring Ingredients (Domestically Produced Grilled Flying Fish Powder, Bonito Flakes Shavings, Bonito Extract Powder: Contains Wheat and Soy, Crushed Bonito Flakes, Kombu Seaweed, Shiitake Mushrooms, Crushed Sardine Powder), Sugars (Sugar, Glucose), Yeast Extract, Salt, Sugar-Processed Products, Hydrolyzed Protein, Powdered Wheat Fermentation Seasoning, Vegetable Oils/Food Seasonings (Amino Acids, etc.).


including fish, soy, wheat