WASO: Japanese Lunch Delivery in London
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The diversity of our food

WASHOKUTraditional Japanese food

The majority of our dishes are 'Washoku', based on flavours and cooking techniques native to Japan.
E.g. Miso Marinated Salmon, Sushi, Sashimi

YOSHOKUWestern dishes, evolved to become Japanese

A number of Western dishes and cooking styles have been introduced during the past few centuries, and over time, Japan has developed its own unique version of these dishes, with a distinctly Japanese taste.
E.g. Katsu, Japanese curry

CHUKAChinese dishes developed in Japan

Chinese restaurants in Japan offer a style of Chinese cooking unique to Japan, whose flavours have evolved to become definitively Japanese.
E.g. Yaki Gyoza, Ebi Chilli

SOSAKUCreative, modern Japanese food

Dishes which combine traditional Japanese ingredients and cooking principles with flavours from around the world

Upsize and Low Carb Options

Increase the size of your Mains, Side and/or Rice or choose our Low Carb option
Select these options by 9.40am

Upsize and Low Carb Options